Your Own Personal AI Assistant

Last week’s video about using ChatGPT to code an app I’ve always wanted went viral (for me at 1400 views).

And life moves fast.

See, ChatGPT needs a $20/month subscription & the engineers make sure to keep the AI on the “only acceptable answers about approved topics” track.

Not any more.

There’s a mad genius who has been working to create a chatbot like ChatGPT that only take 8Gigs of space on your computer & it only needs 4Gigs of RAM to run.

Yesterday he released instructions on how to get it running on a Mac or Windows machine.

So I installed it.

How is it?

Very cool.

Now it’s not as accurate or powerful as ChatGPT, but it does outperform on several fronts:

  • It runs on my computer without the need for an internet connection
  • I could learn how to train it myself & have exactly the assistant I want
  • I could learn how to train it on my Obsidian database of notes, scripts, and writings so I could theoretically have a virtual “me” that I could bounce ideas off of and/or pick my own brain / search my memory like I’m having a conversation with myself.

Exciting, right?

Want to try it out? I posted the link to the instructions in my private community that I call “ZAVANT University.

Join up here and give it a try!

Best thoughts,

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