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I was excited to read this book when I ordered it but I never expected it to have the immediate, positive, impact on my life that it did! The author clearly poured his heart into this book with the genuine intention of helping others. It is an easy read and anyone that reads it can benefit from it. I’ve struggled through many adversities and have handled them on my own for the majority of my life. Most recently I have struggled getting through them and this book was enlightening, encouraging and provided me with the comfort and hope that I needed to get myself out of my slump. The author’s perspective and scenarios are easy to relate to and eye opening! Very grateful for this book and I will be recommending it to everyone!

S.F. Amazon 5 star Review

This book takes a really simple, personable tone to explaining some really personal, complicated stuff, I really enjoyed the insight and perspective and find myself quoting some of the observations mentioned in the book. I gave this book to an Argentinian friend of mine and he loved it and found the insights applicable to Argentine culture as well! I wouldn’t miss this book!

5 Star Amazon Review

Basically every book written on motivation and psychology in the past 50 years is wrong.

If they’re not wrong, they’re sure missing out on a majority of what drives success, accomplishment, persuasion, high value relationships, and any other positive achievement: the mind.

My hypothesis? Magicians & mentalists have had 10,000 years’ head start on the current crop of motivation snake-oil salesmen. Here’s why.

For a magic trick to work, the magician must first understand what you’re seeing, and what you will think about it. The fancy term for this is “theory of mind.” The magician can see through your mind, and then use this perspective to design an experience that will lead you to a logical impossibility.

He shows you an empty hat, reaches inside, and pulls out a rabbit.

The rabbit was inside the whole time, but he knows exactly what angle to hold the hat so you don’t see what is hidden inside. Your perspective defines the boundary of the magician’s action.

All Persuasion

Seeing through the mind of someone else is the heart of all influence, human relationships, and success.

If you cannot understand the mind of someone else, there is no hope for understanding.

This is why my work is unlike anything else in the world.

No one else has built a theory of persuasion from first principles like this.

The lessons within the books apply anywhere a human being is involved. Even if it’s just yourself.

So in order of importance and impact, I present my work.

[think] Like A Mind Reader

Take the best ideas in marketing, negotiating, communication, and motivational psychology and combine it with the experiences of one of the world’s best mind readers (me), and this book is what you get.

Hailed as the “Think & Grow Rich” for the 21st Century, the ideas & principles included within these pages are the exact approaches Jonathan has used to create a custom-fit life that has allowed him to travel the world (and be paid very well for it).

If you’re interested in breaking out of the standard social narrative, this is the book for you. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, others, and how we all tick. (There’s even a magic trick built into the book that you’ll get to perform with your friends!)

Note: There’s no plan for a digital version. The magic trick requires the physical copy of the book, so the whole experience of the book simply can’t happen with 1’s and 0’s only.

[Learn] Like A Mind Reader

Whether you want to learn a new language, professional skill, or hobby, the techniques inside these pages will help you change your thinking and your life.

We go deep inside your mind to unlock the secrets of how you recognize, retain, and recall information to help you minimize your learning curve.

No matter if you’re in high school, college, or a full-blown professional expert you’re going to find something useful.

You’ll learn how to improve your memory, eliminate procrastination, think more effectively, and more. . .

(Available in digital & paperback formats.)

Perfect Recall

How many times have you been introduced to someone and their name immediately evaporates? Ever torn up your living room looking for your keys? Forget your sweetie’s birthday? Want to spend less time studying? Been at the grocery store, your phone dies, and now you have no clue what’s on your list? Learning to play a new instrument or other skill?

Want to: Improve your relationships? Your business? Your studying habits? Make people feel important? Get better at public speaking? Reduce your dependence on your smartphone?

If you said yes to any of these, then this book is for you. . .

(Available in digital & paperback formats.)

Wing Chun: Life Physics

Don’t enjoy the abstract concepts and nebulous ideas of mentalism? You might like the hard hitting reality of martial arts.

This is a book built like a mathematical proof. Starts with fundamental geometry and slowly works its way up to the physics of the human body, and ends by examining the power of building your strategies on the bedrock of cause and effect.

Available on Amazon.

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