Cognitive Bias in Business

The Many Ways Thinking Can Go Wrong Our brains are incredible creations. They run on about as much energy as the lightbulb in your fridge, yet it's responsible for making sense out of millions of details all day, every day. Things go well so often that it can be difficult to remember how wrong your […]

4 Adventure Buddy Questions

I've traveled the world, been on incredible adventures, and lived a lot of life in my years. Most of them were spent alone. Traveling by yourself is especially difficult. Imagine you're in an airport and you need to go to the restroom. When you're alone, you have to drag all your bags & crap with […]

A Warrior's Mindset

There's no shortage of articles explaining how "business is war," and they almost all start with pull quotes from Sun-Tzu's Art of War. They go into granular detail about the strategies & tactics of warfare as a way to help you understand how to apply those lessons in the boardroom. They explain how to deceive your […]

Life's Most Powerful Force

If you had the chance to ask Einstein what's the most powerful force in your life, what do you think he would say? Gravity? Electromagnetic repulsion & attraction? Click through to find out the single most powerful force affecting your life from the moment you're born to the day you die.

Marginal vs Full Cost

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): "Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?" Holmes: "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time." Gregory: "The dog did nothing in the night-time." Holmes: "That was the curious incident." That's an excerpt from Sir Conan Arthur Doyle's "Silver Blaze," a Sherlock Holmes novel, and it highlights […]

Like vs Trust

If I'm going to have surgery done, the single most important factor in deciding who my surgeon is (besides what insurance I have), is whether or not I trust they can get the job done right. I don't care how terse they are in the consultation. I don't care that they didn't ask about my […]

Most Interesting Man at 30,000 Feet

On any plane, at any networking event, or any cocktail party I’m usually the most interesting person in the room. I used to think it was because I travel the world, have great tour stories, worked on multiple TV projects, or have famous friends. Nope. Couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s how it happens. Someone asks […]

Never Blame the Audience

Everybody's had a bad day at work. Usually that doesn't involve a room of 2,000 people watching you have a bad day. As an entertainer it's easy to tell yourself that it was the crowd's fault. They were too drunk. They were too busy texting. They were too this. Too that. Whose fault is it? […]

Magic of Success

Magicians are in the business of creating experiences that are absolutely mind blowing. No matter how impossible it seems, however, tricks work by making use of natural principles of nature. If you look at people who are massively successful, it can seem like it happened as if by magic. They started a company and *POOF* they're […]

Make Better Decisions

"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it." Charles R. Swindoll Whether it's figuring out whether to take the job offer or not, who to date, where to go to school, or what to have for dinner, every day is full of choices. The quality […]
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