What Is A Mentalist?

The short answer: A mentalist is a type of magician who has specialized in the art of mind reading tricks.

The long answer: A mentalist is someone who is fascinated by the way that the human mind works. They are dedicated to understanding the far-reaching implications of unlocking the fundamental mental processes that guide our every decision for ourselves, our romantic partners, in sales, negotiation, presentations, and beyond.

What Does A Mentalist Show Look Like? 👇

A mentalist audience member amazed.

It looks like this from my perspective.☝

I could tell you what I’m thinking, but that would be extraordinarily unimpressive. It would only be amazing if I could tell YOU what YOU are thinking.

That would be a damn fine trick!

And so it is.

A mentalism show is essentially the performance of uncanny mental powers like reading minds, predicting the future, defying the laws of physics, and leaving an audience questioning the limits of their imaginations.

It is completely based on audience interaction and participation.

Without minds to read, there’s not much of a mind reading show, is there?!

This means that mentalism is much more about collaboration and the wonders of truly being in the moment together than any other type of entertainment.

Where Else Is This Useful?


Mentalism works because it leverages the fundamental processes that we humans use to interact with reality. When you understand that system to its core, you realize it has implications in any area that involves a human being.

This is why my work has deep roots in mentalism, and eventually grew into sharing the knowledge and skills of communication, influence, and persuasion in sales, marketing, public speaking, MCing, attracting leads at trade shows, and beyond.

It’s also the source of my books focused on mind power, motivation, mindset, self confidence etc etc.

My Background

At 5 years old I saw a magician on television, and it looked like the most fun anyone could ever have. That’s the moment I knew what I was doing with the rest of my life.

Most of my time outside of school was spent in the county library reading every single book they had on magic. Each one was full of enchanting illustrations, secrets, and outdated patter.

I loved it.

I began practicing coin tricks, rope tricks, and tricks with things around the house. Quickly, however, I realized that the “mind reading” tricks seemed to get bigger reactions, so I was naturally drawn to those.

At 13 years old I got paid $200 to entertain families at a company’s summer employee picnic, and I’ve been supremely unemployable since then.


As I explained briefly already, I have worked hard over the years to extract the psychological secrets that I’ve learned on the stage that can help business owners be more successful.


That’s the quick version of what a mentalist is, and what you can learn from their secrets!

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