Big Crowds & Bigger Deals

Get 3-4x As Many High Quality Leads At Your Next Trade Show

How It Works


Invite a couple attendees over to see something interesting. A couple more slow down to see what's going on. Jonathan invites them closer. Before long there's a large crowd eagerly paying attention.


Jonathan begins his tightly scripted presentation that is designed to entertain everyone while delivering your marketing message. It is built to let your ideal customer know why you're their best solution.


At the end of the presentation Jonathan invites people to talk with your sales team to continue the conversation. This leads to better conversations, better close rates, and less wasted time.


Aisle Attractor
This approach is focused on gathering crowds of attendees as they pass by the booth. As the group gets bigger and bigger Jonathan then begins the show that will entertain and educate everyone about what makes your company special. Just at the height of the excitement, Jonathan invites everyone to chat with your sales team to find out more. Customized giveaways and prizes are also valuable here.


Theater Turnstile
Ideal for a more structured "keynote presentation" strategy. Presentations are scheduled at specific times and are leveraged by your team as value-attractors for high value clients to be entertained, educated, and impressed. Then, once the audience is warmed up, Jonathan transitions into MC mode where he introduces your CEO, spokesperson, or other presenters.


Jonathan will provide hands-on training for your sales team. This helps everyone understand the system we're building for in-booth lead gen.


The "show" happens 2 or 3 times an hour. Attendance and other factors will affect how often to run the experience. The plan, however, is to have Jonathan in the booth and ready for every hour that the trade show floor is open for business. This will maximize your opportunity.


With this approach you're guaranteed to have a better follow-up experience than the dreaded "fishbowl of business cards" strategy. Everyone on your list knows exactly what you do, how you can help, and they WANT to hear from you.


Q: What are your rates?

A: Depends on length of engagement, custom scripting needs, and training options that you choose. Get in touch with us to discuss your opportunity and we will get you a quote for a strategy that's perfectly suited to your needs. 50% of the amount due to reserve the date, and consider our services booked. We offer a 100% money back guarantee: if we say/do anything during the trade show that reflects poorly on your or the company, then you don't need to pay.

Q: Where do you work?

Most commonly you can find Jonathan in Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Diego. Occasionally he travels internationally for large opportunities. His team has worked on 6 of the 7 continents, so we'll go anywhere you are!

Q: Is our booth big enough?

Minimum dimensions are 20x10. Jonathan takes up a 3x3 footprint, and a 10x10 booth is usually too cramped to make use of our skills. There are exceptions to the rule, so get in touch with us to talk about what you're working with.

Q: How many times can you do your thing?

We've found two or three performances per hour to be the right tempo depending on general attendance numbers. Jonathan builds the crowd, entertains them, then turns them over to your sales team where they continue the conversation and close next steps. This whole process takes about 30 minutes, or 20 minutes if we're really focused on turning over attendee flow.

Q: How far out do you book?

Often times our opportunities start the conversation 18 months before the show. This gives us time to discuss your goals for the show, and then Jonathan creates a custom scripted presentation. The minimum viable time for a custom presentation is 30 days, depending on Jonathan's schedule and bandwidth. Anything sooner than a month our will benefit from our pre-package general presentation that can feature light customization.

Q: How do you deliver our message?

Jonathan talks with your marketing & sales team in order to understand what makes you the best at what you do, who you help, and how you do it. Then Jonathan gets to work building a show that's wildly engaging while balancing just the right amount of educational value to help your leads know you're the best partner for them.  Your team gets final thumbs up before we go live.

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