Books that show you how to transform your most ambitious goals into reality.

Secrets of motivation, memory, and persuasion revealed by a professional mind reader.
Sharpen your general mental abilities, communication skills, influence, etc.
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Simple tips, tricks, and techniques to help you improve your memory.
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Learn how to learn and you'll can do more in less time with more retention.
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Learn a remarkably effective step-by-step system for self improvement
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"I'm going to need to read this book again. It has so much in it."
Jon Fitch 10+ Year Professional MMA Fighter
"Insightful, wise, and easy to read, Think Like a Mind Reader is filled with valuable life lessons and useful guidance. Jonathan Pritchard writes with enthusiasm and wit, sharing strategies that will help you create the life you want to live. I especially love the glimpses he gives the reader into his own journey. What a fun, savvy, and valuable read!"
Dorie Clark, NYTimes Bestselling author

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