Jonathan Pritchard is an author, speaker, and trainer focusing on the power of applied psychology to help businesses improve their marketing, sales, and delivery.


Your life is the result of the continuous little decisions that you make every day. In turn, each one of those choices is affected by a complex mix of beliefs, assumptions, and automatic mental processes. Few people are aware that these processes exist, let alone understand them fully. This means that most people are completely disconnected from their ability to make meaningful change because they're missing a solid foundation in how the human mind works. My belief is that you can understand fundamental human psychology to improve your life and business without requiring yet more schooling. I pull heavily on my experience and training as a world traveling Mentalist and making a living by leveraging the non-conscious processes of thousands of audience members over the decades. This gives me unique insight and answers that the world needs to hear.


Jonathan Pritchard is a highly sought after consultant and speaker specializing in the area of applied psychology in life and business. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies like BP, State Farm, United Airlines, and more. He is the founder of the international consulting company "The Hellstrom Group" which has trained teams to improve their sales, negotiation, and presentation skills on six of the seven continents. His expertise comes from his background traveling the world as a Mentalist, a unique type of entertainer specializing in mind reading tricks. The applied psychology he uses on stage in Vegas, on TV, and online gives him an edge off stage as well. He is the author of several books focused on psychology, motivation, self improvement, and more. He currently lives in Chicago where you can find him practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu every morning.








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