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Jonathan Pritchard is the founder of ZAVANT enterprises and the author of multiple books focused on the power of applied psychology.

For 15+ years he toured the world as a Mentalist which is type of entertainer specializing in apparently reading minds, predicting the future, instant hypnosis, and other impossible skills. Eventually he realized his talents could do more than entertain people, and that’s when he began consulting for the world’s largest companies.

Currently he is brought in to share his secrets with sales teams, delivery teams, and anyone else who needs to deliver results in high stake environments.

While not on the road you can find him at home in the mountains of North Carolina with his family.


Jonathan Pritchard is the founder of several consulting companies, a multiple author, world-traveling entertainer, and public speaker for high stake businesses. His client list includes BP, Discover, State Farm, United Airlines, and more.

His journey has taken him from doing 19,000 performances at Universal Studios to appearing on America’s Got Talent to entertaining United States troops stationed all over South Korea. 

His unique perspective of working with thousands of audiences has given him powerful insights into the art & science of communication, influence, persuasion, and high stake negotiations. 

This makes him not just a thought leader but a genuine mind reader. Now his mission is to empower more than a million business people to accomplish their most ambitious goals in less time than they ever thought possible. 

He does this through workshops, keynote presentations, consulting, as well as ‘hands on’ experiences at tradeshows and beyond.

His motto is “Change your mind; change your life.”



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