• I’ve performed in cafeterias, hallways, flat bed trailers in the sun, and multi-million dollar performing venues. As long as we have somewhere that 5 people can stand, we can have a great show.
  • If we are on a flat room (like a ballroom) we will need a raised stage so the audience can see over the heads of the people in front of them.
  • If we are on a raised platform or fine art venue, then we will need stairs dead center at the foot of the stage.
  • We will need 3 chairs on stage. Preferable without arm rests.


  • A stand alone sound system with 3 channels (at minimum).
    • A built-in sound system like you’d find in lecture halls from the 60’s are not sufficient.
  • Lavalier or Countryman style wireless microphone.
    • This is Jonathan’s main microphone.
  • Wireless handheld microphone on a straight stand with a weighted base (like a comedian would use).
    • This is a back-up in case the main microphone fails.
  • A audiojack input into the sound system.
    • Jonathan uses this to plug his computer into so he can run pre-show music, his introduction, and walk-on/walk-off music for participants.


  • General stage wash is sufficient.
    • If the audience can’t see us, then they’re at a serious disadvantage.
  • If we are in a venue that does not have theatrical lighting, or you do not have access to the controls of the lighting, then we will need standalone lighting.
    • Two LED light trees (available to rent from most DJ supply places) should be enough.


  • Room temperature water is appreciated.
  • 5 pieces of poster board
  • A locking greenroom or dedicated place that’s secure where Jonathan can leave his wallet + keys + change out of travel clothes into show clothes.