Your business events should be the heart of your success.

Nothing brings business together like having a great time with people you like. 

Sales launches, trade shows, conferences, banquets, and any other event can be a wonderful opportunity for you to connect your message with your audience.

You want people talking about the event for months after. . . for all the right reasons. You want your employees feeling connected to your business and feel appreciated for their hard work.

You want to make sure that every detail is managed perfectly, and relax knowing that the emcee, keynote speaker, or entertainer is going to represent you at a professional level that’s beyond reproach.

You want everyone walking away understanding exactly what you need them to do, and why they are an essential part of that process. You also want them to understand that helping your business succeed is the best way for them to get everything they want, too.

You want your teams to be great communicators. That means that marketing is better at finding the exact right leads. The sales team can help your prospects understand why they should do business with you. Delivery can explain the challenges & opportunities that they’re finding in a way that builds trust and leads to less churn.

I can help you with all that.


live events

$'s in added value
Multiple Fortune 0 clients
More than 0 years in business

“I’ve had several senior level leaders comment on how your presentation was one of the clear highlights of the Expo & Learning part of the conference.”

~Theo, Senior Executive at BP

The Experience

Whether you need a keynote speaker, world-class sales trainer, or a phenomenal brand ambassador, the plan is the same: amaze the crowd!

We do this with a lot of audience participation, lots of engagement, and just enough fun to make everyone forget that they’re learning.

So if you’re planning a trade show exhibit, awards banquet, VIP cocktail hour, or any other kind of high stakes corporate event then I can help.

The Mentalist

Hi there, I’m Jonathan Pritchard.

I’m a professional mentalist-turned coach & consultant. I help companies engage their audiences at high stake events & I help highly ambitious people start their own personal brand businesses.

I’m the founder of several companies that are all centered on helping businesses be more successful through the power of applied psychology.

I’ve also written a couple books focused on the power of the human mind to accomplish huge goals in less time than you ever thought possible, and I’ve also built out courses to extend the ideas from my books.

When I’m not on the road then you can find me at home in the mountains of North Carolina with my wife & daughter. We’re probably playing Mario Kart or practicing Kung Fu.

So, if you’re planning a big event or want to level up your company’s soft skills, then we need to talk. Due to the nature of my work I intentionally keep my client list short so I can ensure 100% focus & attention to your challenges. For that reason I have a short application process for us to work together. Fill out the form and we can find time to chat about your goals, your needs, and how we can help you knock it out of the park.