The Origin Story

I grew up in a trailer on a dirt road in the mountains of North Carolina. My dad worked in a factory & my mom was a secretary. We had a lot of love and very little money.

From those humble beginnings I've built several businesses, traveled the world, helped thousands of people, and I get to spend time with people I love.

Most of what I know about business, sales, negotiation, persuasion, and communication I learned in front of live audiences. I learned how to juggle fire at age 13, and that was the spark (pun intended) that I needed to get in front of crowds. The psychological principles I use on stage to help my participants trust a complete stranger (me), are exactly the same principles & strategies that I've used in my own life & business to great success.

Over the years I've transitioned beyond the performing into helping companies and clients turn their most ambitious goals into reality.
Jonathan Pritchard juggling pins at a corporate function.


A focus on motivation, creativity, memory, and influence.

My Principles

The world can be a confusing place and it's easy to lose your way. When it's tough to find your path forward, principles help you navigate through uncertainty.

Appreciate all things.

Everything has something to teach you. Even the bad stuff. ESPECIALLY the bad stuff. If you develop the habit of evaluating yourself and your past for what you can learn from it, you'll soar to a whole new level.

Freedom first.

Control over how you spend your time, who you spend it with, where you spend it, and what you spend it doing is the ultimate form of freedom. Without freedom there are no other values in life. Choose the option that creates more options.

Give to get.

You cannot expect the universe to give you something you're not willing to give, first. Want better friends? Be a better friend. Want more success? Help others be successful. There is no reaping without sowing, first.

My favorite projects.


My educational platform where I share the secrets to networking, sales, negotiations, presentations, and more. Learn how to make a full time living online, develop powerful skills of influence & persuasion, build rock solid systems to automate your business, and more. These are the essential skills of living at the top of your game. Everything here is tried, tested, and proved by my decades' of experience coaching & consulting with the best of the best.

ROI Trade Shows

Industry events are a fantastic opportunity to get enough leads to feed your pipeline for the next two years if you do it properly. Most strategies involve sending a couple sales people who can have, at most, 4 or 5 solid conversations an hour. With our approach, you can easily multiply your lead volume by 3 or 4x as well as drastically improving the quality of each, too.

The Escape Pod Store

Social media is janky and the world is burning down. Get to the exits while you can! The Escape Pod Store project is dedicated to helping ordinary people take control of their own social media relationships with a simple (yet powerful) toolkit designed for the 21st century.
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