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  • The Invisible Trap That Ruins Trade Show Results

    June 13, 2023
    Planning a trade show can be a daunting task, and there's one trap that most trade show planners fall into…
  • Always Be Selling?

    May 18, 2023
    There's a particular quirk (defect?) of magicians: their primary mode of communication is performing magic. It's the "if your only…
  • 5 Tips For Selling To CEOs

    March 28, 2023
    Transcript  When you start working on enterprise level opportunities, you're probably going to be talking to more than just one…
  • New Video: How To Sell To CEOs So They Buy From You

    March 28, 2023
    New video! Click to give it a watch. I'm up early this morning to tell you about this video because…
  • What the hell does this have to do with sales?

    March 18, 2023
    Everything. If you're going into conversations without a firm script or outline (at minimum) what is you even doing?! Write…
  • Objection, your honor.

    March 17, 2023
    Ugh. I can hear it. Another "but I'm a special snowflake and here's why I'm not a writer" excuse thinly…
  • New Book In The Works

    March 13, 2023
    My goal is to help you win huge opportunities more easily without compromising a single iota of your integrity. Helping…
  • Surprising Connections

    March 4, 2023
    There's an underground Mentalist who I have respected for years. He creates experiences that are direct, powerful, and professional. They're…
  • 5 Pillars Of A Life Mastery Business

    February 28, 2023
    Here's the quick rundown: Master these, and you'll never go hungry again.
  • Life Is Sales

    February 24, 2023
    You have to sell yourself on the idea that your life can change. You have to sell yourself on the…