Boom Boom Boom

Yesterday was a non-stop day of podcast recording. I was the guest on 3 different shows: The first was "Stranger Connections" with Lisa David Olson, and it's really well titled. She has a background in live performance, so she had a lot of insightful questions about the way my experience on stage ties in with […]

The Importance Of Improving Your Sales Skills

This is one of the most destructive beliefs I see on a regular basis: "My idea is so good it sells itself." ~Every Misguided Entrepreneur For three years I was a mentor at the world's number one tech incubator, 1871, which is located here in Chicago. Once a month I'd have office hours where entrepreneurs […]

Speaker & MC

Available For Virtual Conferences & Opportunities You're planning a high stakes event with valuable attendees, and every detail matters. The speakers you choose will determine how people talk about the event afterwards. My goal? Make you look like a rockstar. My Guarantee If I do or say anything on or off stage that reflects poorly […]

Books By Jonathan

I was excited to read this book when I ordered it but I never expected it to have the immediate, positive, impact on my life that it did! The author clearly poured his heart into this book with the genuine intention of helping others. It is an easy read and anyone that reads it can […]

Inspiring Corporate Speaker

Your ability to lead, influence, or persuade is the result of one skill: how well you CONNECT. Since the dawn of time, man has struggled to understand the fundamental forces that control our lives. In pre-history there were Shamans who could see into the chaos and bring order to the world. Today, that role has fallen […]

The Eyes Have It

Psychology of Gaze You're out in the park catching up on Facebook on your phone when, out of nowhere, you feel the distinct sensation that someone is staring at you. You look up from your phone, and sure enough, you see someone looking right at you.We've all had some form of this experience happen to […]


In my work, I have the unique pleasure of helping a veritable cornucopia of different people. There are entrepreneurs, full time employees who want to start a side hustle, corporations that want to connect with their employees and prospective customers. Every single situation is unique, and it's that kind of variety that I thrive on. […]

Socratic Espionage

I know one thing; that I know nothing. ~Socrates Socrates was a master at looking like an idiot while being the smartest person in the room. It's an incredibly effective strategy, and there's even a term for it: The Socratic Method. It's the process of asking innocent questions that trap your target before they're aware […]

Designers Are Mind Readers (And So Are You)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In order to create something that "just works" designers have to be mind readers. They have to get inside the heads of their intended user, and create something that feels natural & intuitive to use. This doesn't happen on accident, and it can be a very difficult process to perfect. The interesting thing is, you're […]

001 Welcome to the show!

[iframe style="border:none" src="//" height="100" width="900" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Hello, and welcome to the first episode of the [Think] Like A Mind Reader Podcast; the show dedicated to the psychology of success in relationships, business, & life in general. There are plenty more episodes lined up, so the beginning is a good place […]
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