Genie Stories

How do you feel about stories where someone gets exactly what they ask for but in a twisted way that nobody would ever want?

I kind of like them.

Sure, they’re mostly moralizing tales warning us against the dangers of greed & avarice.

But it sure is fun seeing that twist at the end.

Schadenfreude, amirite?

Turns out, MegaCorp social media companies are the genie here.

Twitter & Facebook both let you download your data. Sounds cool.

But you’re not deleting your data, you’re getting a copy of your data to keep.

Nice to have it on hand.

And here’s the twist.

How are you ever going to make use of it?

It’s not just the data you’re after; you’re after the frameworks that help you see & use your data that would really make it useful.

Too bad you’ll never get it! Those are proprietary, thank you very much.

Urbit does it different.

It’s your data. It’s your server that stores that data. That means that you own your data AND you have the means to use it.

You can read your blog. You can look back through your chat logs.

Forever & always because you own everything that’s needed to keep it that way.

Pretty cool, right?

Want to try it out? Start a group of your own?

Hit reply and let me know. I have a handful of invitations on hand and they’re first come, first served!

Accept the invite & you’ll be up and running quickly.

Hope to see you there!

Best thoughts,

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