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  • 4 Quadrants Of Mind Control Updated

    4 Quadrants Of Mind Control Updated

    This is a video update from a popular post I wrote awhile back. Transcript 4 Quadrants of Mind Control I want to clear up a lot of misconceptions around persuasion and influence in people that feel like it’s icky. I think it comes from a lot of assumptions that aren’t true or misunderstanding of the…

  • Objection, your honor.

    Ugh. I can hear it. Another “but I’m a special snowflake and here’s why I’m not a writer” excuse thinly veiled as a legit reason. Here it is: “Jonathan, I talk. I don’t write.” Yeah? And? I’m a talker too. I get paid to talk. and you know what I do? Write it all down…

  • What happens when you write?

    All the good stuff you’ve been looking for, that’s what. Not to put too fine a point on it, of course. There’s just so much you can write about. Ev-er-y-thing. And each piece you write (and also share) is another invitation for the right people to get to know you. (Don’t worry about the wrong…

  • Everything is a (fill in the blank) problem.

    Starting with an aside; bear with me. Before we dig deeper into The Current Topic™ I want to give you a heads up that it’s Tuesday so that means there’s a new YouTube video up. I call attention to one of the most common lead generation strategies I see, and then I explain why it…

  • Alain Nu

    Alain Nu

    Alain Nu shares his secrets to mystery, creativity, performing, client management, and more. 00:00 Alain Nu00:03 Introduction00:22 Welcome01:12 Conversation03:29 Power of Simplicity06:15 Difference Between Magic & Mentalism11:13 Relationship With Mystery17:39 Initiation Ritual28:29 Invitation To Connect30:43 Outro31:46 Bending Invitation

  • The Importance Of Improving Your Sales Skills

    The Importance Of Improving Your Sales Skills

    This is one of the most destructive beliefs I see on a regular basis: “My idea is so good it sells itself.” ~Every Misguided Entrepreneur For three years I was a mentor at the world’s number one tech incubator, 1871, which is located here in Chicago. Once a month I’d have office hours where entrepreneurs…

  • What Is A Mentalist?

    What Is A Mentalist?

    The short answer: A mentalist is a type of magician who has specialized in the art of mind reading tricks. The long answer: A mentalist is someone who is fascinated by the way that the human mind works. They are dedicated to understanding the far-reaching implications of unlocking the fundamental mental processes that guide our…

  • 4 Quadrants of Mind Control

    4 Quadrants of Mind Control

    “Ok Peter, if this is going to be a scientific demonstration, it needs to be a double blind test. That means I’m going to put you in an. . . isolation booth.” I walk over to my case and pull out a brown paper grocery bag. “Ladies and gentlemen,” I say as I open it,…

  • Persuasion Is Dangerous

    “…Persuasion is dangerous, particularly in an advertising and capitalistic world. You are persuading people to do things that may not be in their interest. In the last 10 years or so, I’ve become conscious of the difference between informing and persuading. It’s a moral question for anyone involved in communication.” -Milton Glaser