The Masked Magician & Hitler's Mentalist

This weirdo is the main character in the Masked Magician; a relatively short lived TV program that made a sensation by revealing the secrets behind the most popular magic tricks through history. Grand illusions, sleight of hand, card tricks; nothing was sacred. At the heart of it all was that smarmy mysterious character pictured above […]

Psychic Lockpicking

This is from a show I performed at the Chicago Magic Lounge for a corporate entertainment engagement. A member of the audience had a lock with a code that only one person had access to: him. He told no one what it was. Not even his friends. And he asked if I could figure it […]

Thank You James Randi

My mentor and dear friend James Randi passed away last week. I haven't known what to say, so I've said very little so far, but I wanted to simply express my deepest thanks to him for being such a big part of my life. Most of the world knows him as a fierce warrior against […]

What Is A Mentalist?

The short answer: A mentalist is a type of magician who has specialized in the art of mind reading tricks. The long answer: A mentalist is someone who is fascinated by the way that the human mind works. They are dedicated to understanding the far-reaching implications of unlocking the fundamental mental processes that guide our […]

In Pursuit of Magic

Would You Know It When You Find It? For me, there is very little difference between magic and art. To me, the ultimate act of magic is to create something from nothing: It's like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat. ~Alan Moore The rabbit was in the hat the whole time. […]

Blinking In Business

If you're a mentalist, like me, you'd instantly recognize the number 793.8. I've often thought of getting it tattooed somewhere on my body it's that important. What is it? The Dewey Decimal number for the library's Magic & Mentalism section. First Mentors The mountains of North Carolina isn't well known for being a hotbed of […]

Effect First Thinking

When a magician is creating something new, there are 2 parts of the equation. The Effect: What do I want the audience to experience? The Method: How am I going to make that happen? In a good show, the magician puts most of his time into answering the first question as clearly as possible, and […]

The Magic of a Simple Business

Here's something super cool about my life: Steve Martin and I are on the same career trajectory. Sure, he's 30 years ahead of me, but I'm close on his heels. Little known fact about him is he got his start working at a magic shop in Disneyland in California. One of my favorite weird jobs I've […]

Stage Name

What I Learned About Personal Branding When I Picked My Stage Name Maybe you don't need a stage name. Maybe you don't have thousands of fans who want to track down where you live. Maybe you don't want to create an entirely fictitious persona for fun & profit. But here's why you should still care about […]

Words Are Magic

Just now I was looking out the window letting my mind wander as I do quite often, and a weird thought popped into my head. Put the right words in the right order and you can get someone to give you money, fall in love, or even start a war. That's magic. Persuasive writing is […]
A painting of Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard in the old world magic poster style.







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