Mentalist Reviews Magic Show

One of the best parts of being a performer is having friends to visit all over the country. The only thing better is having a performer friend doing a show in your back yard so you can sleep in your own bed at night.

That’s exactly what happened when Michael Kent did a show at Brevard College which is just 30 minutes from where Jonathan calls home.

His show is a mixture of comedy & hard-hitting magic that doesn’t let up. Watch the video to see him in action. I

f you’d like to connect with Michael Kent (and we suggest you do) give him a follow here:


00:00 Teaser
00:07 Introduction
00:47 Before The Show
00:58 The Show Begins
02:33 Standing Ovation
02:41 Audience Feedback
03:07 Merch
03:22 My Live Impressions
04:32 Leaving The Venue
04:47 Final Thoughts

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