The 5 (Strange) Stages Of Consulting

Are you a consultant or want to be one? Understanding the strange but enlightening connection between magicians and consultants can prepare you for an intriguing aspect of the consulting world. Drawing from my experience working at a magic shop, I explain how magicians are like consultants.

Just as a magic shop sells the secret behind a trick, consultants offer their expertise and knowledge to their clients. Both benefit by accepting the truth of how things work, rather than clinging to preconceived notions.

The consultant’s role is not only to explain the workings of a solution but also to guide clients through the journey of letting go of their own ideas and embracing the most effective strategies. This insight sheds light on why some clients may feel dissatisfied when confronted with the reality of what a consultant advises.

Embracing this understanding can enhance communication skills, negotiation abilities, and overall consulting effectiveness. To delve deeper into this concept and explore a mind-reading demonstration that helps navigate the process, watch this mind reading how to video:

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