Which Is More Valuable: The Show Or The Secrets?

I love this photo of me on stage. It’s near the beginning of my show, and it’s a perfect illustration of how I influence a whole room full of grown adults into following my instructions.

If that’s not “thought leadership” I don’t know what is.

It also makes me think about the number of people who talk with me after the show.

They almost always say some version of “I have to know how you do that!”

Well, I wrote a whole book about the strategies & approaches that unlocked the things I’m able to do on stage.

But few people actually pick it up.

They’re more willing to pay $50 for a ticket to see the show + $Dinner expenses to watch me have fun on stage than they are willing to buy the book for $25.

That further reinforces my belief that most people care about results & outcomes than they care about methods & approaches.

The irony being that ability will get you farther in life than results.

You have to pay for results every time. Ability pays off every time you get results.

Best thoughts,

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