The One Big [internet] Problem

When I ask most people about their frustrations with the internet, like I did on Monday with you, most people have some flavor of:

I’m mad that I don’t even see stuff from my real friends & people I want to hear from. I only see stuff that the algorithm wants me to see.

Fair point.

The algorithm is looking for the stuff that keeps us on the website as long as possible. What better way to do that than show us the stuff that’s going to get us riled up?

That’s usually not the stuff from your real friends.

Symptoms Not Sources

What if I told you that the algorithm, spam, shadow-banning, and a lot of other ‘problems’ that people are mad at, are actually symptoms of a deeper problem?

You’d probably say no way.

Then I’d counter your counter with this:

The real problem is the way the internet was built back in the 70’s which makes it hard to know who is who in the digital world.

That’s it.

That’s the technological source of our social media / online life frustrations.

I’ll unpack how & why in the next couple notes.

Until then, I’d appreciate you giving my new video a watch if you didn’t get a chance yesterday. Give it a like if you enjoy it; helps tell the algorithm that more people should see it.

See what it makes us do?!

Alright, I’m out!

Best thoughts,

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