New Book In The Works

It’s time.

I wrote “[think] Like A Mind Reader” back in 2017. Since then it has helped people discover new opportunities, easier ways to accomplish huge goals, escape the spiral of self defeating mindsets, and more.

You wouldn’t believe the messages I’ve gotten from people over the years telling me how much it helped them.

Makes it all worth it!

And now, I’m ready to start those conversations in a new domain.


Sales Training

I talk about it off and on, but I’m not sure I’ve laid it out directly before: after being a sales person at one of the country’s best digital marketing companies, I was moved into a training & planning role.

My approach to selling was so dang effective for monster deals that leadership told me that I’d be more valuable to the company teaching the rest of the team how to do what I do than do it myself.

So for the past 2 years I’ve helped seasoned pros & absolute beginners (no joke, one woman had been a missionary her whole life with zero sales experience and within a couple months she’s one of their top closers because she listened & did what I taught her to do).

So I have a proven system that works. It’s simple. It’s different from every guru who claims to understand the psychology of sales.

Not like this, you don’t, bud.

The Question For You

What questions do you have for me about sales? What do you think when you think about sales? What challenges do you have closing new business? Does it scare you?

In short, what do you want/need to know about selling?

I want to ask you now so you can get those over to me, and I can make sure I have all your bases covered by the time I finish this thing.

My goal is to help you win huge opportunities more easily without compromising a single iota of your integrity. Helping awesome people be more awesome; that’s sales to me & hopefully you too once you read this thing.

Hit reply, overwhelm me with as many questions as you can possibly think of, and we’ll make this thing the best damn book on selling that the world has ever seen.

Best thoughts,

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