Everything is a (fill in the blank) problem.

Starting with an aside; bear with me.

Before we dig deeper into The Current Topic™ I want to give you a heads up that it’s Tuesday so that means there’s a new YouTube video up.

I call attention to one of the most common lead generation strategies I see, and then I explain why it does more harm than good to a business.

Give it a watch here.


What do you think is an everything problem?

Government? People? Money?

What’s at the root of all your problems?

Is it you?

On any other day I’d probably agree with you (but, like, in a loving way).

Today, however, you’re off the hook.

Today we talk about copywriting!

That’s an industry insider word for “writing things that gets people to do stuff.”

I call ’em Power words!

Abracadabra-I-create-as-I-speak words.

Having trouble landing that job? Probably not saying the WRITE things.

Can’t get a date? You’re probably not Cyrano de Bergerac.

(I will confess to mangling the spelling for his name and Google was helpful as ever in its ever-so-helpful condescending “did you mean this?” way)

Having trouble selling that kick ass e-book that you poured your life & soul into? You’re probably using the wrong words to talk about it on social media.

Your stage show sucks? I bet words have something to do with it.

Can’t get investors?

You get the idea.

Words are how we get the things we want.

I mean, we can also use violence, but that’s bad m’kay? Don’t do it. Bad.

So yeah, learn the power of persuasive writing and you unlock a whole universe of possibility.

Think about it.

Best thoughts,

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