Mind Bending TV Show

It’s Saturday, so I figured it’s a good opportunity to tell you about a wild TV show in case you’re looking for something mind-reader themed to watch.

I know I am.

Legion” is on Hulu, and it’s beyond fantastic.

The general idea is that the main character is a powerful mind reader, and boy howdy do hijinks ensue.

The stakes keep getting higher and the story keeps getting wilder.

I don’t want to spoil some of the big reveals, so I’ll just say: if you enjoyed the way I talked about the gonzo sci-fi book series “The Book Of The New Sun” a couple weeks ago, and you’d like to have that same non-linear time-distorting mind-blowing experience delivered in TV format (with the occasional dance number) then make sure your Hulu subscription is up to date, and dive in.

You can thank me later.

Best thoughts,

PS: If you watch the series and get inspired to learn how to read minds, might I remind you that my book “[think] Like A Mind Reader” is built to be a prop that helps you do exactly that. . .

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