Game Of Imagination Is Back For 2021

“Game Of Imagination” is my 70 minute mind reading show that I wrote in 2019 in preparation to perform at the historic Knickerbocker Hotel in downtown Chicago.

Here is the promo video I made for/from it:

The plan was to perform it once a month, every month, in 2020.

I got to run the show twice.

After taking a couple months to plan, rewrite, and build out a professional broadcast quality studio, I launched the online version of “Game Of Imagination” in October for a six week run.

Here is the promo video I made for/from that:

One Year Anniversary

The first performance (the one I filmed to create the promo video) was on January 28th.

My birthday.

Turns out, I’ve wound up performing on my birthday for the past several years, and it’s now my favorite way to celebrate.

On the one year anniversary of my first (of two) shows at the Knickerbocker, and on the 5th year in a row, and on the 38th anniversary of my time on planet Earth, I’m doing it again!

Tickets Are Live

“Game Of Imagination” will run through 2021 on a once-a-month schedule with the first of twelve performances happening on my birthday.

Don’t give me a gift. Buy a ticket. I will then use that money to buy really obscure tools, and in exchange I will give you the best damn mind reading show you’re going to find anywhere on the planet (from anywhere on the planet because it’s online).

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