A Day On Tour With Jonathan Pritchard

Life as an entertainer is a strange one.

I spend hours and hours in isolation.

Then, there’s a flurry of activity for a couple hours. I’m talking with dozens & dozens of people from all walks of life dealing with all sorts of questions.

Then, at the end of the gig, it’s time to go right back into isolation for the trek home.

Such a bizarre whiplash of extremes. Solitary confinement juxtaposed with being shoved into an overcrowded bus.

I wanted to get that feeling across in video form, so I took the opportunity to make this video from a recent gig I did at Guilford College.

There’s not a lot of talking; it’s all about vibe.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh! I almost forgot. The music is from a Twitter friend of mine; check him out on Spotify: THISISGRAME

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