Can You Do It Cheaper?

Everyone wants the best value out of their dollar.

They wouldn’t be in business for long if they overpaid for everything.

How much is a pencil? $1? That’s too low. What if I paid you $50? Would that be ok?

So I don’t feel bad when someone it doing their homework to make sure they’re getting the right value for their investment.

And at the same time. . .

You have to laugh when someone wants the lowest price no matter what.

That’s why I love this meme format:

They’re funny, and they’re also a great illustration of someone who is more concerned with price than value.

The best thing to do?

Politely decline the project.

The clients who want to pay the least are the most likely to have the most hoops that they want you to jump through. It’s a nightmare.

Oh, and there’s one big assumption I made here: that you do good work. You’re at the “Mona Lisa” level. That you really can carve a beautiful horse bannister out of a single block of wood.

If not?

You have work to do!

Best thoughts,

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