Honor Their Memory

This weekend I took the family into the mountains for a memorial for one of the most important people in my life; Joy Thompson.

We met when I was 13 years old (27 years ago) at a summer program that she & her husband (Randall in the yellow shoes), and she was instrumental in helping me get comfortable performing & being in front of audiences.

Over the years I’ve used what she taught me to do big things & travel the world. I wouldn’t be who I am without everything she shared with me.

I like to talk about persuasion, business, communication, and everything else but I don’t want you to lose sight of why: to help you live a life that you’ll be proud of when it comes time to say goodbye.

So, take a little time to think through where you are & where you want to be (now & in the future).

I’d love to help you get those sorted if you want to be somewhere different than where you are now.

Best thoughts,

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