Learn A Mind Reading Trick

Late start today, but it’s Saturday, so I don’t expect you to be waiting by the inbox at 7am.

I mean, unless you were, in which case. . . . sorry to disappoint you.


I posted this in February and I think I sent out an email about it, but since it’s the weekend I figured I’d sneak it back in just in case you hadn’t learned it.

Learn how to read someone’s mind, feel their pulse to find their card, learn how to be a human lie detector, and a lot more.

It’s one method with dozens of uses.

If you know 10+ presentations then you know 10+ ways to entertain people.

If you know 10+ methods for 1 trick, then you know one trick.

I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere. . . .

Best thoughts & have a kickass weekend.

PS: I’m going to talk about some new technology stuff next week. I love sales & psychology because it helps people live better lives and spend more time doing what they love. The right tech can do the same thing, so I want to zoom in on some projects that are going unnoticed but have huge value to the people who know how to recognize it: that’s you after next week. Can’t wait!

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