What Did You Dream Up?

I know in the video this week I said you can write it in a notebook or in an encrypted drive on your computer where nobody else would ever see it. . . but I’m curious.

If you could wave that magic wand with zero downside, what would your ideal Future You look like? What would you be doing? Where would you be living?

Hit me back with a quick rundown, and you might surprise yourself how powerful that tiny act of committing to the dream can be.

5 years later you probably won’t even remember sending it.

But it’ll hit you out of nowhere.

“Wait a minute. I sent that note to Jonathan awhile back. Lemme go see that again.”

And there it will be. The life you’re living spelled out word-for-word.

Be bold enough to give it a try.

Reply. If you dare.

Best thoughts,

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