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Back in June I started my “ELITE University” podcast with Micah Fink; a former NAVY Seal and someone I now consider a friend.

We had met several years before when he was speaking at an investment conference I was MC’ing.

His passion, authenticity, and grit are front and center when he takes the stage. His focus commands the attention of the entire room. Nobody is distracted.

It’s seriously impressive to watch, and he’s even more awesome off stage.

You find out that he is genuinely devoted to helping veterans reintegrate to society after they’re dumped out of the military with years’ worth of training to be a soldier and a handful of hours’ guidance on how to be a citizen again.

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of his work professionally as well as a fan of him personally.

The Main Project

Micah helps vets through a grueling 41 day struggle through the mountains of Montana. It involves riding & corralling horses, crossing dangerous terrain, enduring brutal weather, and a whole host of other surprises tucked away in Micah’s mind.

He has set up a 501(c)3 charity to fund the program, and it’s now been around for several years.

Several months ago Micah asked if I’d like to MC the annual fundraising gala and I said yes without even thinking about it.

Didn’t need to.


This weekend it finally happened.

My wife and I flew out of Western North Carolina to Bozeman Montana to the Armory Hotel where the festivities would be.

It’s a great hotel and all the staff were top notch. The sound team, catering team, front of house; everyone was fantastic!

(I was looking forward to taking this photo for months.)

Every event is an exciting build up of planning and expectations, and this one was no different.

And there was something extra.

Several men who have gone through the program stepped up to share their stories about the challenges they’re facing, the relationships they’re destroying, and all the false hope they have had before going through the program.

The whole room was absolutely silent.

Everyone recognized they honor and courage these guys were showing by being so honest about their challenges. Nobody dared interrupt.

It was powerful.

And it’s an honor to be involved.

Wrap Up

Programs, events, and people like this is why I truly believe it’s my life’s mission to help my clients connect their mission to their audience in a fun, memorable, and meaningful way.

I am proud to work with Heroes & Horses, and I’d love to hear from you about your next event.

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