Frame Of Reference

This is a fantastic video explaining the concept of “frame of reference.” The cool thing about this concept is it’s not limited to understanding motion. Once you watch it, you’ll have a better grasp on the straight vs straight line discussion addressed in a couple articles already on the blog.

In the introduction of the video there’s a great gag where two men see each other as being upside down. We, the viewer, see one being upside down, and the other as right side up. This is due to our limited context.

Literally, the frame around the scene causes us to perceive things in a certain way. Once the frame expands, moves, contracts, or in some way changes, our perceptions change, too. We absolutely cannot extract our understanding from our perception.

How you see things dictates what you see.  In all areas, contexts, & relationships in life.

Change your frame of reference, and you change everything.

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