Content: A Garbage Word For Garbage People

It’s time for Frivolous Friday, so let’s take a look at a video I watched this week.

Warning: Once you see it, you’ll never be able to un-see what you’re about to learn.

Content is a garbage word for a garbage world.

I’m what you might call a “content creator.”

I write articles. Books. I make videos. I appear on podcasts. I make podcasts. I’m elbow deep in taking my ideas and putting them out into the world & make money off of it.

But I loathe the idea of calling myself a “content creator.”

Why put the word content in front of it?

I’m a performer. I’m an artist. I’m a writer. I’m a speaker. I’m a consultant. I’m a trainer.

I’m a creator.

Boom. Easy.

And I’ve never been able to fully articulate why that term makes my skin crawl, and that’s why I’m so happy someone else figured out how to explain it. Now I don’t need to!

If you have 49 minutes to watch the whole thing & you’re even tangentially related to the ‘content creator’ universe, then I’d say give it a watch.

He does a great job of explaining where this term came from, how the idea swallowed the entire internet, and what some other options might be other than calling yourself a “content creator” if you’re involved in making anything.

But, now that you know that I think it’s such an awful term, you’ll notice it everywhere you look.

Told you that you’ll never be able to go back.

My apologies.

Best thoughts,

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