6 Degrees of Psychic Kevin Bacon (My Most Powerful Secret)

One of the most common questions / comments I get is how I get so much done.

I write books, make videos, make podcasts (sometimes), travel, perform shows, consult with clients (corporate & personal), practice martial arts & Mandarin, have a family, etc etc.

So I’m ready to spill the beans on something that I’ve used for more than a decade and a half to make it all work.

It started on stage in my mind reading shows, and then I realized it’s useful in the “content creation” arena, too.

(I’m probably going to shoot a video about this idea over the weekend, so you’re getting a sneak peek…)

And I call it “6 degrees of psychic Kevin Bacon”)

Show Context

During my mind reading shows, I want to create the impression that I know a participant’s mind better than they know their own mind.

That’s how this approach was born.

Here’s the situation.

I’ve asked them to think of something. Cool.

Then I know what it is. (Don’t ask how. Just accept that it’s my job & this isn’t the part we’re here to talk about.)

But they don’t know I know what they’re thinking. Double cool.

That means I know where we’re going to end, but I have no clue where we’re going to start.

So I pick the weirdest & most random detail I could possibly think of.

Ask my participant if that makes sense to them.

Obviously no.

Now, here’s the game.

Connect this weird start to the end point in 5 or 6 steps that make sense when you look back at the nodes, but not as you’re moving forward.

This is why I call it 6 Desgrees of Psychic Kevin Bacon.

If you’re not familiar there’s a game called 6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon. You pick an actor / actress, and then find a chain of movies & actors until you get connected to a movie with Kevin Bacon in it. Neat.

In the show context it’s a whole lot of improv, non-linear associative linking, and creative narratives to connect the weird beginning to the thing that my participant is thinking about.

The fun part is the last jump to their detail and the whole picture snaps into place.

“Oh, I see now! You were thinking of X, which connected to Y, which led you to Z which is what I was thinking! How did you know?!”

The detail I like the most is that it makes it look like it’s obvious what Z is the whole time, and the participant didn’t recognize it until Y. That’s why it looks like I know their mind better than they do.

Neat trick to pull off.

Content Context

Now, how does this apply to the world of content?

Directly, my dear Watson!

It’s all a game of free association and non-linear causality.

You take one thing, one lesson, one idea, one trick, one insight, one piece of advice, etc. . .

Then you start anywhere you want. A recent trip. An article you read. A conversation you overheard at the gas station. Anything.

Then play a game where you connect them together.

(Hint: I’m doing it right now in this article. I’m talking about a weird technique from mentalism & connecting it to the world of content creation for articles, videos, books, etc. Fun!)

Once you do it a couple times, you’ll see how powerful it can be & you’ll never have writer’s block ever again. You’ll never run out of things to talk about. Heck; you could even start a daily email newsletter and constantly deliver useful insights to people again and again.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Now you know the technique I use on stage to create powerful mysteries AND the technique I use that leaves people wondering how I can make So. Much. Stuff. All. The. Time.

Use this knowledge to build your own empire, and become recognized for your genius!

Best thoughts,

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