Bring The Pieces Together

This weekend I had a college engagement and I brought the whole family along for the adventure.

(That’s my daughter holding one of my juggling pins & running around the theater as I was setting up.)

This is what success looks like, to me.

I love that I get paid to have fun AND I get to share that with my family.

Years ago I thought I needed to keep my professional life professional and my personal life personal. Never shall the two meet!

But people like doing business with people.

It can be weird if you never talk about one side of your life with the other.

When I started being more ‘personal’ in my professional life, I started making stronger connections with people and that’s fantastic.

Now, I can hear what you’re thinking (I’m a mind reader after all), and you’re already saying that it’s easy to go too far in that direction.

And I agree with you.

There are certain parts that I’ve decided to keep personal, no matter what.

For example, take a look through all my social media, and you’ll notice that I don’t share my kid’s face.

Might seem like a little bit of overkill, but I’d rather respect her privacy until she’s old enough to decide what she wants to share about herself. Because once your face gets tagged by the robo-overlords, there’s no going back!

So those are the two messages today.

It’s possible to integrate different parts of your life AND it’s possible to still maintain healthy boundaries between the two; you don’t have to share everything all the time.

So if you’re pretty far out there on either side of the spectrum, it’s ok to mix in a little bit of the other side.

Best thoughts,

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