That’s A Wrap

These are the franchisees, franchisors, and vendors that I got to meet this week as the keynote speaker for their annual conference.

It’s always an honor to be invited into these tight-knit communities & see how they operate together.

I even got to meet someone who is a friend of a friend that we both knew, which was a pleasant surprise.

He shared this review of the experience on his LinkedIn profile:

He brought it!

Jonathan Pritchard delivered an entertaining and informative keynote for the owners of A Place At Home Franchise. Using his humor as well as his mentalist skills he kept the owners engaged, showed them how they can accomplish things they thought nearly impossible in minutes and provided invaluable frameworks to help them in their business. Of course, I wasn’t surprised when I heard he had worked with my friend Brian Brushwood.

If you are looking to bring some magic to your team, talk to these guys about being part of the event.

P.S. if you are anywhere near Asheville make sure to catch his mind reading show

How cool is that?!

And the fun doesn’t stop. Now I’m at the airport ridiculously early for my next flight taking me home where I get to sleep in my own bed tonight before heading off to a college engagement tomorrow morning.

Best thoughts,

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