The Single Most Effective Strategy I Use

This is the approach I’ve used to:

  • Write several books
  • Create online courses
  • Script many 70 minute shows
  • Architect email drip campaigns
  • Do lots of other stuff I can’t think of now

See, I consider myself a divergent thinker. Every idea I have can connect with 11 other ideas. Pretty soon I have a tangled web of potential topics that may or may not make sense to anyone who is reading this garbled mess.

How do I pick what to include? What to cut? What to talk about first? What goes next?

I can’t write it all out and then make those choices.

I also can’t make choices about something that only exists in my head.

There has to be some compromise. Some better way.

There is. And it’s called “mind mapping.”

It’s a way of making visual connections between ideas, and I couldn’t be a creator without it.

Obsidian makes this possible, AND it does it with every single note on hand.

This is the most powerful feature of Obsidian, in my book.

I don’t need to use one program for mind mapping & another program for taking notes.

With Obsidian, it’s all in one place. I’m in the same place to capture ideas, organize them, then fill them out into written form.

That’s why mind mapping with Obsidian is the heart of my approach to writing books, scripting videos, and anything else that uses words.

If you’ve ever wondered what my “secret” to being so prolific is, this is it.

And I put a lot of it into this weeks video.

So, go give it a watch, and give it a like if you find it useful at all.

Best thoughts,

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