5 pillars of 21st century thriving

Solopreneur. Creativeprenuer. One person business model.

Everybody has a different name for it, so that means I have to, right?

Here’s my shot:

👉 “Life mastery business: get paid for being who you are.”

Not bad, right?

But how do you actually make it work?

There are five core elements that I’ll be talking about more over the near future, so this is a quick introduction.

1) Presentation Skills

In a video-first world the person who can appear natural on camera (a very unnatural dynamic) can connect with people at a scale that’s hard to imagine. The power of ‘stage presence’ paired up with the leverage of the internet means it’s never been easier to find your tribe.

2) Prolific Creator

Whether it’s videos or articles; they make a lot of stuff. Matthew 7:20: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” You know what it says about people who don’t create anything? Nothing. Which is exactly what people will know about anyone who keeps their ideas in their head.

3) Selling

The easiest way to sell is to actually help people. Whether it’s a service, a book, a guide, a course, music, visual art, or anything else that you can trade for dollars, the people who are the most successful have no problem selling.

4) Sterling Reputation

The thing that’s more valuable than everything else combined? Your reputation. In a world where rumors travel at the speed of light across a global network, one misstep can cost you everything. The best strategy is to live on the straight and narrow so that the mere idea of a rumor would be ridiculous. Guard your name with your life.

5) Network

And the quality of the people you know & the quality of the people who know you (and what you can do) are an extension of that name. It’s true: your network is your net worth. I have worked on messaging projects recently because people in my Martian community knew I could help a multi-billion dollar company communicate their value to their clients more effectively. (Clients like Amazon, SpaceX, NASA, etc) Not only was it great money, it was a whole lot of fun, too! And it was all because awesome people think I’m alright enough to hang out with.

There you have it. Which one is the easiest for you? Which one are you the most frustrated with? I’d love to know!

Best thought,

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