Heading To Vegas

This weekend I’m helping a company that’s exhibiting at a trade show.

I’m in their booth with three jobs to do:

  1. Stop people in their tracks
  2. “Info-tain” them enough that they want to hear more
  3. Hand ’em off to the sales team to schedule conversations for later

In other words: I’m gonna be their big blue screamin’ monkey.

I’ve been working with them for a couple months to understand what makes them so great, how they help their clients, and what a potential client needs to know about them before they’ll do business together.

Once I was clear on those, I built a custom presentation for them that combines my library of interactive mind reading demonstrations with their marketing messaging to create something amazing.

We even teased the event.

Since it’s in Vegas, we leaned all the way into the magic/mind reading angle.

I created an interactive mind reading video that people can watch & play along with on the phones or computers. It’s branded with my client’s logo & theming, too.

When we reveal that we know what they’re thinking, it has our booth number & an invitation to stop by for even more cool stuff.

Can’t wait.

Now I have to hop off of here so I can go over my packing list for the millionth time.

Best thoughts,

PS: Do you know someone who helps plan their company’s trade shows? We should talk! 

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