For The Artists

Want to sell more art?

Be more interesting!

This is the advice I’ve given dozens of artists over the years who ask me how they can sell more of their artwork.


Imagine you’re at a street fair and you see some art that you kind of like. You catch the eye of the artist and you both nod as you keep walking.

You see something else you could imagine hanging in your home, but you’re not drop-dead sold on it. But this artist says hi and starts a conversation.

Turns out this guy spent two weeks narrowing escaping death and avoiding a variety of scams & cons in a desperate attempt to escape Cuba.

Now he is free to express his vision & freedom of imagination.

You wind up talking for 20 minutes.

And you buy something from him, right?


When you’re buying the artwork here’s what you’re really doing:

You’re buying the right to tell the story of the artist.

“Oh, that painting? Let me tell you about that painting!”

But you’re not telling your friend about the painting. You’re telling your friend about the story you heard about the artist.

That’s why storytelling is so important in life & business!

Tell your story to sell your self!

Best thoughts,

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