The Bridge Across The Trade Show Gap

Yesterday I pointed to the invisible gap that makes sure 40% of new exhibitors never return: it’s the belief that attendees will automatically stop by the booth to start conversations.

What’s the answer?

If you’re an exhibitor, you have to start those conversations yourself!

How do you do that?

Most of the time, the best strategy that trade show planners come up with is:

“Let’s put our most gregarious sales people in the booth. They will do a great job of starting conversations with people!”

That is a good idea.

But it misses the mark. Here’s how.

99% of the sales people I’ve met, worked with, and trained are at their best in 1 on 1 conversations.

That translates to the trade show floor this way: they know how to stop one person at a time, talk with that one person, shake their hand, then they’re ready to connect with another person where the cycle repeats.

What are they not great at?

Stopping 15 people at once. Holding the attention of 15 people. Connecting with 15 people & helping them understand why they want to work with their company.

Do you think that’s possible? How would you do that?

We’ll dig into that more tomorrow.

Best thoughts,

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