Putting It All Together

At the heart of my work is helping people transform their life. That’s what I call “Life Alchemy Technology.” There’s a simple & effective art/science to changing what is into what could be. That’s the most powerful magic in the universe.

Then there’s being a persuasive professional. No matter what job you have, or what profession you’re in; you’ll have greater success if you learn how to be more persuasive (in writing, in real-life presentations, and on video).

In order to be the best communicator possible, it’s important to understand that we live in the best time to be alive in terms of being able to find our “tribe” and connect with them. We used to grow up with the people in our village & know those same people our whole life & then die. Now we can connect with people all over the world for free by using social media and the variety of internet-powered tools at our fingertips. When you decide to use that system to increase your personal & professional visibility, I call that having a “Personal Media Company.” You have to be in charge of managing your own messaging.

Then, finally, if you want to combine all of that to be the best of the best, then you’re on the track to being a “Recognized Genius.” I don’t care how smart you are; it’s not going to do much to help you if nobody knows that you’re a genius at [fill in the blank for how you help people in ways that get you paid].

Allllllll of this stuff rests on understanding how your mind works, making it work for you, and focusing it on helping as many people as possible.

That’s why success is first & foremost a mental game. Learn how to play it well!

If you’d like to have a conversation with me about what that might look like, and have the most incredible mind-expanding talk you can have (without drugs), then reply to this email & we’ll get something on the calendar. I am opening up bandwidth for personal coaching clients, and I’d love to offer you a 2 hour slot where we just focus completely on helping you make your dreams a reality.

But I won’t push you to schedule. You have to show some action. (That’s free lesson number 1!)

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “Alchemy is real” Pritchard

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