What’s Your Recipe?

Combine equal parts circus skills I learned as a teenager (juggling & eating fire + hammering nails up my nose) with street performing skills that stop people in their tracks & keeps them around long enough to give you money (busking), and add in a heap of marketing insight & world class communication skills.

What would you do with that concoction?

If you were me, you wouldn’t know what to do with it for 15 years.

Then it would come to you out of the blue.


I can put my busking / crowd-gathering skills to use at trade shows for my clients & deliver their messaging (marketing) in a fun way (circus skills) that the audience can never forget!

So that’s the question: what’s your recipe? What are your ingredients? Who can benefit from what you do?

Need help figuring it out? I’d love to chat!

(After you give my episode on Trade Show U a listen..)

Best thoughts,

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