Sorry about your relationship

I’ve often thought that business problems are personal problems wearing a suit.

We touched on that a little bit in yesterday’s video about motivation, and it also applies to other emotions like anger & frustration.

The zen of sales is to be 100% engaged and 0% attached to the outcome.

But that’s hard to do.

Sometimes it can be frustrating dealing with someone who is combative.

“Convince me you’re the best!”

“That’s not true in my experience.”

It can be easy to snap back & respond with a little too much acid in your voice.

And it’ll lose you sales.

One of my tricks when I feel that dragon of anger welling up?

Imagine that it’s spinning in my stomach and disconnect the transmission that runs my mouth.

I can feel the emotion deep in there but I’m not allowing it to come through my words.

In fact, I don’t even let it come up past my shoulders.

Keep it low.

Take a breath.

Then that’s usually enough time to realize they’re not trying to start a fight; they’re trying to understand how I can help.

Remember, it’s always you vs you.

Best thoughts,

PS: I’m building out a course that teaches you the solid fundamentals of good sales skills. Once you go through it, you could get a sales job at any high end B2B company (which is where the money is). What would you like to know about it?

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