Painful Serendipity

Yesterday I stubbed my toe for the first time in years.

The high chair was out just a little farther than it usually is.

I was walking & tweeting like I do.

then BAM!


So glad that nobody else was home.

I’d give almost anything to never feel that again.

Then, about an hour later I see my friend tweet about stubbing toes.

Guess the universe needed me to learn that lesson the hard way.

What was he talking about?

He basically said that the only way to make sure you never stub your toe again is to stand still for the rest of your life.

And I have to agree; that’s the only way to never stub my toe again.

(That, and maybe put down the phone when I’m walking through the house.)

Even though it’s excruciating pain, it still isn’t worth giving up everything else to never have happen again.

Pain is part of learning. Starting something new is uncomfortable.

And it has a purpose.

Teaches us what not to do.

Best thoughts,

This message written from the couch with my feet up on the coffee table and the phone face down in the other room.

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