Lucky Find: New Name Same Great Flavor

Do not be alarmed, for it is I, Jonathan Pritchard.

If you don’t know this yet, I like buying URLs. I have so. many.

Like, 100+ many.

And this weekend I got another:

Couldn’t believe that it was available, so I scooped it up instantly.

Realized that it’s a great name for what I do.

I like helping people get good at the good kind of persuasion.

Helps you get what you want while making the world a better place.

Good persuasion also helps protect you from the bad kind, too.

Thus, the Good Persuasion newsletter was born.

They’ll arrive on the same weekday schedule; nothing is changing there.

But I’ll be focusing more on the persuasion & communication side of things at it applies to life & business.

So, if you have any questions about what persuasion is, how it works, whether you should get better at it, or anything at all, hit reply and shoot me a note. I’d like to know so I can get you what you need!

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s note when I show you how to build a simple “customer relationship management” tool, because nothing is less persuasive than forgetting about someone’s project.

Best thoughts,

PS: Oh! Did you see that we’re over 500 subscribers on YouTube?! That means there are enough people that we could fill a jumbo jet. If we all piled on, where do you think we’d go?

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