Keynote Speaking & Workshops For BP

BP was planning a two-day conference for the entire executive suite. If your job title had “Chief” in it, you were going to be there! CEO, CFO, CMO, and all the rest were in attendance.

They brought me in to do a presentation on non-linear problem solving, creativity, imagination, and how to think about integrating new technologies into an engineering-forward business.

We spent two whole days together with me sharing interactive demonstrations of tough concepts and helping everyone broaden their horizons of what they thought they could accomplish as a company.

The result was glowing feedback from some of the most tough-to-please people you could ever find on planet Earth. I heard later that the concepts I shared were directly responsible for improved morale, more effective leadership, and increased employee buy-in. 

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Tradeshow presenter Jonathan Pritchard in front of a busy booth

Trade Show Lead Generation For Neon Ambition

Thrive is a “Top 3” digital marketing agency that helps companies win more business through the power of the internet. When they were planning their trade show exhibit, they knew they needed help from someone who understands experiential marketing the same way they understand digital marketing.

I helped them before the show to define their messaging and plan their pre-show email & social media efforts. The main strategy here was to talk about the incredible things that were going to be happening in the booth, and use that as a legitimate reason to reach out to their VIP prospective clients and lock down a time for them to meet at the conference.

Then, at the trade show, I was in the booth every hour that the floor was open. I was running through my 12 minute interactive corporate presentation twice an hour to stop attendees in their tracks, get them to come over, and then hold their attention for the next 12 minutes so I could help them understand why they should consider using Thrive as their marketing partner.

The result was 3x as many qualified leads while helping them save $150,000+ that they were wasting after the show due to an inefficient lead generation strategy that they had been using at trade shows before me. 

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Sales Consulting & Training For Thrive Agency

Thrive is a “Top 3” digital marketing agency that helps companies win more business through the power of the internet. They realized that they were getting attention from larger opportunities, but their sales strategies were more focused on owner/operator-sized deals.

I worked with them to rearchitect their entire sales process, scripting, and systems to keep more enterprise-level prospects in the pipeline.

I also planned, created, and implemented a front-to-back training regime that included video courses, interactive workshops, and 1:1 coaching for their team.

The result? Average deal value went up. Close rate went up. Top line revenue hit record numbers. They stopped using discounts to close business so their profitability skyrocketed. They parted ways with the bottom 1/3rd of their sales team yet the team that remained was closing 2 to 3x the revenue; all from using my psychology-powered systems and approaches to sales & negotiations. 

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Soft Skills Training For Private Leadership Development Group

Over the course of several months I delivered several 2 day workshops centered around sales, negotiations, presentation skills, and ethical persuasion for life & business.

Each workshop delivered my proprietary frameworks and strategies while leaving us enough time for each attendee to try their hand at the new skill.

I provided realtime feedback and guidance. The result was a dramatic improvement in ability which lasted well beyond the couple days that we spent with each other.

Attendees reported more professional success and (to their surprise) dramatic improvement in their personal lives, too. 

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Employee Engagement for Discovery

Discovery is one of the biggest companies on the planet and they are faced with the challenge of keeping employee morale high even in a zoom-first environment.

They brought me in to do my 70 minute interactive mentalism experience over zoom. It involved lots of audience participation and engagement that is simply impossible with any other approach.

The result was elevated employee buy-in for months afterward as they continued to talk about the event & what it meant for them as a company to “be a mind reader.”

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Branding & Marketing Strategy for Tech Company

A technology startup was planning a week long off-site conference for their team in Dubai. They flew me out as their branding and marketing consultant.

We talked through their messaging, how to approach various social & email platforms, and hone in their communications to best represent their work to the world.

The result: more clients and a stronger presence in the highly competitive marketplace. 

Audience Engagement For Hundreds of Clients

Looking for an MC, after-gala entertainment, cocktail hour diversions, or other kind of “people person?” I can help!

Any time a group of people come together for my client, it’s an opportunity to deliver powerful messages in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way.

My specialty is designing custom experiences that deliver those messages in a way that audiences will never forget. It’s an extraordinary messaging tool disguised as 7o minutes of mind reading fun.

I’ve performed for audiences of 40 to 3,000 so whatever size audience you’re working with; we can make it work!

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