The Power Of Framing

  • 10 powerful business lessons from a professional mind reader.
  • 10 ways to make a million dollars without wasting your time.
  • 10 insights from the world’s richest people that you can use.

How you talk about valuable topics is as important as the topics you’re covering.

Take those example titles, for example. Look at the first one. It’s the main way that I’ve packaged ideas for the past 10 years.

I’m a professional mind reader. It’s different. It’s unique.

But you know what?

It’s SO different that people find it unrelatable.

“Does he think he’s for real? Mind reading isn’t real. What is this guy talking about?”

Once I can talk with people and help them understand that I don’t think I have “the Gift™” and, instead, it’s a mixture of understanding fundamental motivational psychology and then leveraging that insight in branding, marketing, sales, and negotiations. THEN I can help them understand that the insights I’m sharing can help you make a million dollars.

The way you talk about your topics is called “Framing” and it’s an important element of branding that you have to get right.

If you get it wrong you’ll sit there watching other people who aren’t as skilled, who don’t have the experience, who don’t have the results that you have get paid more money by the clients you wish you had. Why?

Because that idiot over there is smart enough to understand the power of framing.

And that makes you/me feel like a real moron (I say “me” because every email I send is secretly written at/for myself).

Now you can understand why I’ve gone through so many iterations of podcasts, blogs, etc. I’m constantly looking for different ways to present the fundamental ideas that have helped me travel the world, work with awesome clients, and live the life that most people wish they could.

Some of the iterations include:

  • A Life Well Designed
  • So Motivated
  • Wing Chun Life Physics
  • [_____] Like A Mind Reader
  • Million Dollar Mind Reader
  • Titan Of Business
  • Close Any Sale
  • Personal Media Company
  • Life Alchemy Technology
  • Persuasive Professional

And on down the list it goes.

Tomorrow we’ll touch on yet another one, and get your thoughts.

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