Experiences that transform how you think about business & opportunity forever.

I've had the honor of presenting at conferences, workshops, and events of these awesome clients:
Keynote speaker Jonathan Pritchard worked with BP as a speaker working with their entire executive suite about technology, innovation, and the power of imagination at all levels of corporate management.
"I've had several senior level leaders comment on how your presentation was one of the clear highlights of the Expo & Learning part of the conference."
~Theo, BP Senior Executive
Looking for a keynote speaker, trainer, panelist, or workshop presenter that blows your mind?

I talk about the power of applied psychology in life & business to corporations, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

I help college students recognize the power of the path that lies beyond graduation. 

I help graduating high school seniors understand the potential they have in front of them, and how to make their most ambitious goals a reality.

All my presentations are:


Most speakers say their presentations are interactive when really they mean “I ask people to raise their hand.” Jonathan, on the other hand, is dynamic & engaging. He gets people up on stage and makes them the star of the event. His demonstrations make tough concepts easy to understand in a way you’ve never seen. 


No cookie cutter talks, here! Your event is unique. So are the challenges your company or organization are facing. That means you need a presenter who can work with you to design a solution that actually applies to you! 


I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this. Take equal parts fun, insightful, and valuable then mix for 20 years. Jonathan is what you’ll get!


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