Writing as time traveling

Reading minds is cool and all, but what about seeing the future?

Or one better: seeing the future and then pulling it into the present moment.

How badass would that be?

I guess the level of badassery would depend on what you see.

Are you seeing Armageddon? Maybe leave the future in the future.

Seeing everything you’ve ever hoped & dreamed for? Bring it on in!

While I appear to predict the future on stage during my show, there are ways to shape your future in the present moment.

I 100% believe this is the most powerful kind of magic that a person can genuinely perform.

You can imagine the future that you want, go through certain kinds of “rituals,” and then live the future that you dreamt up.

I’ll be posting a video tomorrow that explains how it works.

It pulls on the approaches I’ve used to go from living in a trailer park to traveling the world as a high-paid consultant working on the coolest projects under the sun!

Then, for the rest of the week, I’ll be sharing more insights about it.

Have questions? I want to hear ’em! What kind of future do you want to create? I want to know! What would you like to know about how it all works?

Hit reply and let it rip. I’m ready.

Best thoughts,

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