Words Are Magic

Just now I was looking out the window letting my mind wander as I do quite often, and a weird thought popped into my head.

Put the right words in the right order and you can get someone to give you money, fall in love, or even start a war.

That’s magic.
Persuasive writing is one of the most powerful skills you could ever hope to work on. And why writing instead of speaking? When you speak, you might in front of a room full of 2,000 people but you’re only going to connect with them in that moment. If you write the same words, you now can reach anyone from then until the end of time.
There are authors who died centuries ago, but whose thoughts remain just as relevant today as when they were first written. (I’m looking at you Marcus Aurelius. . .)
If you want to get better at writing words that create action (specifically someone taking dollars out of their wallet and handing them to you), then check out the Boron Letters. It’s a series of lessons framed as letters from a father writing to his son from prison.
The website is atrocious, but don’t let that keep you from digging in. There’s gold in there.
Go find it!

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