Winding Down Substack

It’s always good to experiment. Doing things the same way all the time is a good way to miss out on better ways to accomplish your mission.

And then, sometimes, that experiment has nothing but negative results.

When that happens, it’s time to switch things up.

And that’s what I’m doing.

I went over to Substack because I figured it makes more sense to put my thoughts & writing where people hang out. Substack has a bunch of people. So let’s go over there!

But, what happened surprised me.

  1. Lots of people unsubscribed & almost nobody has signed up through Substack. I can’t ask them why (since we’re not in touch anymore) but I have an idea. I think it’s because you & I probably met in persona at a show, at a conference, or maybe you heard me on a podcast. Regardless of how we found each other, it’s probably not because I’m on some mega-platform for writers. So, when I moved over there, I think it made it look like I was gunning for “an audience” instead of staying connected with you and helping you understand the mind game of success.
  2. Substack’s focus is on getting paid for the writing. While it’s nice to get paid for your work, I don’t think of this as work. I think of it as a way to stay in touch with you. But, when Substack is constantly putting in reminders of “HEY YOU’RE READING THIS FOR FREE BUT YOU COULD BE PAYING JONATHAN” it’s tough to believe that this isn’t a profit-at-all-costs project. Sure, I’d love if you bought a book, took a course, or hired me for your trade show. But those are viable options after you understand why I’m awesome at those things (which means after you’ve been getting these emails from me for awhile).

That’s why I think Substack is penny smart and dollar foolish for me. It’s trying to squeeze you for money when I’m more interested in the longterm goal of getting to know you and eventually having you recommend me to someone you know who I can help.

Moving forward, expect to hear from me directly again, without having Substack to get in the way.

And, just like there were some growing pains as I transitioned over there, I hope to minimize them as I move back to my old way of getting this note to you. Hopefully they won’t be too bad!

Best thoughts,

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