Who Is Future You?

Imagine a friend is coming to visit you next week.

Would you put some time aside on your calendar to spend time with them? Would you do a little extra cleaning up? Would you use the ‘good’ silverware when you have dinner?

I’d bet on yes.

Here’s the kick to the gut: why do you treat your friends better than you treat yourself when you spend so much more time with yourself?

How much do you take yourself for granted?

I say a lot more than you might be aware of.

And that’s the trick.

Think of Future You as a really good friend who loves Present You a lot and Future You wants what’s best for you.

The happier Present You is, the happier Future You is for you when they come to visit.

If you can think of yourself in the 3rd person, you’re more likely to be a little more patient, kind, and considerate with yourself.

And wouldn’t that be a nice thing?

Best thoughts,

PS: Did you give the video from yesterday a watch? I know it’s a little longer than the recent ones, but there was a lot to cover (like hearing your parent’s voice). What did you think?

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